K-12 Schools

ID Security & Tracking

Every school faces the same question - how can we make our school more secure and efficient while maintaining a strict budget?

Providing a safe environment starts with proper identification of staff, faculty, students and visitors at the school. A school ID card system produces staff and faculty ID badges, student ID cards and visitor badges. Furthermore, it provides the starting point to scan student ID cards for attendance, campus events and tardy tracking using handheld mobile devices with access to the student database from anywhere on campus.

Additionally, securing key entrances and restricted areas of buildings with access control systems and CCTV video security significantly increases security and awareness and reduces the opportunity for people to enter the building without proper control. A school visitor management system greatly helps school staff match children with the proper parent or guardian when a child is signed out of school.


  • What areas need to be restricted?

  • How often are students waiting in long lines?

  • How can you use an ID card for multiple applications?
    (library, cafeteria, school functions)

  • What current systems and databases need to be integrated?

  • Can you easily identify who should and should not be in the building?

  • What products and accessories are available to promote your school?

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Huser Integrated Technologies has dedicated Education Solutions Specialists who work with public and private educational institutions to improve classroom safety and campus security.

Our Education Solutions teams have the professional experience to help you plan and install complete security solutions for classrooms, educational and administrative buildings, sports and athletic complexes and other educational facilities. We provide school safety and security solutions for daycare centers, public and private K-12 schools, college and university campuses and other educational institutions.

Our integrated school safety and security solutions employ fire alarm systems, intrusion detection and burglar alarms, visitor management systems, video intercom systems, school video surveillance systems, building access control, public address, sound reinforcement systems, and fire/life safety solutions. This results in easy-to-manage school security solutions representing the best solutions possible in school safety.

We offer complete support for your school security programs from installation to preventive maintenance, and can provide a no-cost comprehensive school security assessment to review your school security practices.

Whether  you are projecting the cost of security and video surveillance in schools, or looking into money-saving school purchase agreements, our Education Solutions security professionals are here to help.

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  • Bell, Clock, and PA systems

  • Video based intercom systems

  • 24-hour video monitoring and recording

  • Integrated sound reinforcement classroom systems

  • Intrusion detection solutions to protect buildings and facilities

  • Solutions for unmonitored problem areas where students are more
    likely to fight, smoke, vandalize property or sneak off campus

  • Clear Warning alert notification system to provide students and emergency
    responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency

  • Fire safety solutions to help mitigate and manage natural or man-made disasters

  • Web-based, instant alert notification for broadcasting via phone and email